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New Beginnings – What did I get myself into…

New beginnings are often known to bring inspiration, creativity, joy, and relished memories into one’s life. However, this changing of seasons can also be quite difficult as one’s character becomes more refined through the various trials faced as well as by the necessity of jumping into the unknown.

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Getting to be a freelance photographer for my college














Despite the challenges that are sure to come, I know it is finally time for me to step out in faith and embark on this new journey that I believe has been set before me. Although I will gain many new helpful and positive experiences, I know there will also be a number of fears that will attempt to keep me from reaching my goal.

photography, fashion, wedding photographer

One of my favorite pics a friend took of me














First and foremost, the cloud of the unknown tends to shroud the vision of where I desire to be in my life both personally and professionally. I am still discovering how all of these dreams will come to fruition, and am fully aware that it may take a lot of time and hard work. In order to expound upon where I am wanting to be in my life, it is necessary to share a brief history of how I came to enter these new beginnings.


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