Year Three It is quite difficult for one to ascertain the future as it often brings many unanticipated surprises that radically change the trajectory of our lives.  This happened to me during my third year of being a photographer.   I understood that I was at a crossroads where I needed to either change my […]

Year Two Although my second year as a photographer did not initially appear to yield any monumental changes, I now see how valuable this season was to my professional growth.  I continued to diligently take advantage of every opportunity possible to improve, and as time went on, people began to notice my work. My presence […]

New Beginnings New beginnings are often known to bring inspiration, creativity, joy, and relished memories into one’s life.  However, this changing of seasons can also be quite difficult as one’s character becomes more refined through the various trials faced as well as by the necessity of jumping into the unknown.  Despite the challenges that are […]